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Myrtlewood Gallery

The Myrtlewood Gallery is a Gallery of Fine Woodworking located in Reedsport. Myrtlewood Products and Works of Art are professionally crafted by local artists and woodworkers. Each item has been carefully selected for their quality and is either made in our workshop or is locally handcrafted. We also carry a large selection of raw wood for your own projects. From wood slabs to carving stock and lumber, myrtlewood to maple burl and black walnut; you’re sure to find the perfect piece.

[contactinfo name=”Myrtlewood Gallery” address=”1125 Highway 101
Reedsport, OR 97467 ” email=”[email protected]” phone=”541-271-4222″ website_name=”” website_url=””]

Mindpower Gallery

You’ll have plenty to see when you walk through the doors of Mindpower Gallery. there are many rooms, each containing another segment of beautiful art created by artists, local and regional. You’ll find fine art in the form of paintings, sculpture, blown glass, custom furniture, jewelry, and much more. Mindpower Gallery hosts many art related events throughout the year. The gallery also provides excellent framing services as well.

[contactinfo name=”Mindpower Gallery” address=”417 Fir Avenue
Reedsport, OR 97467 ” email=”[email protected]” phone=”541-271-2485″ website_name=”” website_url=””]


Tsunami Gallery

Quick Description: Located in a building nearly a 100 years old, the Tsunami Gallery features bronze sculptures, ceramics, and watercolors from 15 artists, including bronzes crafted by the gallery’s owner Mack Holman. It is located on scenic Rt 101 in Gardiner, Oregon

The Tsunami Gallery displays sculptures and paintings from many Oregonian artists. Come visit this unique gallery where there are bronze sculptures, ceramics, and watercolor paintings from 15 artists, including bronzes crafted by the gallery’s owner Mack Holman.

The owner, Mack Holman, also operates a foundry on location. His bronze sculpture “Cramming for Finals” is on display outside the gallery.

[contactinfo name=”Tsunami Gallery” address=”77207 US Highway 101
Gardiner, OR United States
97441″ phone=”541-271-1597″ website_name=”Web – Tsunami Gallery” website_url=””]

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