verb: to engage in recreation for enjoyment


Surf, sand, sun, skating. Things to ride, things to rent. As your destination for outdoor recreation, there’s something for everyone in Reedsport and Winchester Bay. 



The dunes rival any snowy mountain and offer pristine slopes come spring, summer, fall, and winter.


For a shot of adrenaline (or a leisurely sunset cruise) explore the south coast on four wheels.


If the sand gets to be too much, take to the water and paddle to your heart’s content.

Ranking amongst the 10 most record-breaking dunes in the world, the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (ODNRA) holds the position of the largest expanse of coastal dunes in North America. This impressive feat makes our small-town hearts beam with pride as our ODNRA holds its own against sites like the Simpson Desert in Australia and Dune 7 in Namibia — the highest sand dune in the world, and the oldest desert. 

Despite being proud of this claim to fame, we love our dunes for much more than breaking records. Leave feeling robustly revitalized after ditching the hustle and bustle of the city to take in the salty air by the lungful and revel in the grandeur of the magical south coast. That’s what makes the Oregon Dunes Nation Recreation Area one of the best things to do within a few hours of Portland, and a big reason to visit Reedsport and Winchester Bay. 

But don’t think you need to wait until summer to visit! In fact, we welcome voyagers, wayfarers, and the perpetually curious year-round. All you need is a sweater and some free time. Keep scrolling to learn about ways to enjoy Reedsport and Winchester Bay any time of the year.


Coming highly recommended by visitors and locals alike, the Reedsport Golf Course, formerly known as the Forest Hills Country Club, is open to the public and welcomes everyone from duffers to PGA hopefuls. If you’re looking to play a reasonably priced 9-holes on a well-maintained course with cart rentals available, and a restaurant and bar on-site, you’ve just struck gold. Make a tee-time at the pro shop and keep it in the short stuff.


The 13,000 ft2 Reedsport Skate Park was built in 2003 and serves as the only place in Reedsport and Winchester Bay to hit a flat rail, full-pipe, and flow the bowl from dawn to dusk. As an unattended park, we encourage all riders — BMX, scooters, inline, and skateboard — to prioritize their own safety and don the appropriate protective gear. Helmets are non-negotiable. You can’t ride the deathbox from the hospital.


40+ miles of dune means 40+ miles of undisturbed beach. Breathe in the fresh air. Stand at the seashore. Stay for the day or book a few nights at a nearby campground for a truly immersive experience. And even if the crowds have gone, don’t think you have to! November through March is peak season for coastal whale watching as they migrate between the Arctic Sea and the lagoons of Baja, Mexico.


Family is the foundation of our tight-knit community. So of course we have a ton of family-friendly activities! Half-day walks and long hiking trails. Sports vehicle and equipment rentals. Guided tours and boat charters. Playgrounds and picnic areas. Whether you’ve got little bubs in diapers or teenagers itching to fly the coop, there are endless opportunities to make memories here that you can cherish forever.


In addition to the many state parks in Reedsport and Winchester Bay — like the William M. Tugman and Umpqua Lighthouse — we have a number of local parks for you to check out too! Champion Park offers seven acres for your pups to run around off-leash. You can shoot hoops at Phillip Boe Memorial and Lions Park or visit the only west coast 9/11 memorial at Hahn Park.

Discover our Trails

Oregon’s south coast is home to some of the best hiking trails in the Pacific Northwest. Or at least we think so! Trails in our neck of the woods range from ‘family friendly’ to experience encouraged’, so find what works for you.

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